MACS, the most comprehensive AC circuit breaker’s platform for rail vehicles

After over a decade on the market and with thousands of units in service worldwide, Sécheron’s MACS AC circuit breaker is highly recognized by our customers. Today, the MACS is further upgraded, offering CAR BUILDERS and OPERATORS even more variants and integration options.


The new MACS variant with increased insulation performances withstanding impulse voltage UNi=185 kV was added to the existing versions suitable for impulse voltages UNi=125 kV and UNi=170 kV.

As a result of the development of the new MACS variant, the existing versions have also been optimized, offering a higher rated voltage (Ur = 27.531.5 kV) for the version UNi=170 kV, while the height of the version featuring UNi=125 kV has been shortened to better suit train gauge constraints of some vehicle platforms and networks.

All MACS versions have a Vacuum Switch Tube (VST) with enhanced insulation performances, the design of which is patented by Sécheron.


A new compact and lightweight optional roof box is now available for a vertical installation of the MACS on the vehicle roof preventing the usual roof cutout for the circuit breaker’s low voltage compartment.

Based on the vehicle constraints and car builders’ wish for different levels of value added solutions, MACS can now be integrated on the vehicle in 5 different configurations, outdoor or inside the Sécheron AC MODBOX®:

In the next months, additional key functionalities and integration proposal will be available with the MACS platform.

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